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Pickleball Lessons: 

Offered May - September

To Register Online: 

  1. Log into or create your club automation account
  2. Click on "Registrations"
  3. Select the Program of your choice and sessions
  4. Add to your cart & check out
  • Weekly Classes
  • Lessons are Coed
  • No long term commitment
  • Register at least 48 hours in advance
  • Meet at the Pickleball courts – no black soled shoes, equipment provided

Pickleball Members $25 Non Pickleball Members $31

Intro to Pickleball

Learn what a fun game Pickleball can be in 90 minutes. For new players to the game or still learning but not yet to the point where they can carry a length rally or play a game.
Learn the rules of the game, scoring, serve, forehand/backhand drive, dink shots, vol-leys, & over-heads

Level 2 Lessons

For Players who have taken introductory classes, can sustain a rally with players of comparable skill, can keep score and carry out the basic shots of serves, return of serve, lobs, dinks, drives, third shots.
Fine tune and develop consistency in shots learned in beginner class.
Develop strategy, footwork, positioning and partner communication.

Level 3 lessons

For players to work on consistency, strategy, fine tuning technique.
Work on soft shots and drives, cross court attack dinks.
Important third shot from the baseline and doubles strategy.
Develop shot patterns & proper footwork near the No Volley Zone.


Private Lessons:

Our pickleball staff is available for private lessons. Please see the flyer for their contact information to schedule a lesson.

60 Min: $60 member
45 Min: $50 member
30 Min: $40 member

A $10 fee is applied to private lessons for non-members

Jackie Ebner

Leah Brewer

Sam Chhoeun