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LB Rochester ITF World Tour Tennis Event - Draws

The 2019 ITF World Tour Tournament returns to TCR June 23-30, 2019. Draws for the tournament will be updated daily.

  • Wildcard Tournament: June 23, 2019 

         Wildcard shootout winner: Will Spencer

         Wildcard shootout finalist: Langford Hills

                     Finals Score: 21-14

  • Qualifiers: June 24, 2019
  • Main Draw: June 25-30, 2019

Singles Qualifying Draw

Main Draw Singles

Congratulations to the Men's Singles Champion, Diego Hidalgo, and the Finalist, Strong Kirchheimer

Main Draw Doubles

Congratulations to the Men's Doubles Champions, Justin Butsch and Simon Freund, and the Finalists Vasil Kirkov and Zachary Svajda