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Winter Tennis

TCR has 3 heated indoor bubbles that each cover 3 courts for a total of 9 indoor clay courts.

 The Indoor Bubble season starts September 17th, 2017 to April 29th, 2018. 

Make an Indoor Court Reservation

Court Reservation Rates & Information

Winter Tennis Membership:

This membership includes use of our fitness facility and access to the soft indoor clay tennis courts on a pay per play basis. Memberships available for full season or half season (18 weeks). Season court times are available for 30 or 15 week commitments. There is no season court play 11/23 (Thanksgiving), 12/19-1/1 (Holiday Break), and 4/1 (Easter).

Non members may book courts up to 72 hours in advanced. Call TCR at (585) 381-2529 to book a court or inquire about available court times.

Winter tennis leagues are open to members and non-members and run for the entire winter season. Contact Cathy Downs for more information regarding league offerings.

Winter Season Court Rentals

Your group may reserve a season court time with TCR for 30 (full season) or 15 weeks (1/2 season). Guarantee your court time and location each week at the same rate as a normal court reservation and you'll recieve a complimentary can of balls each week when you check in! 

2017-2018 Season Dates:
September 17th, 2017 to April 29th, 2018
1st Half: September 17th, 2017-January 13th, 2018
2nd Half: January 14th-April 29th, 2018
There is no season court play 11/23 (Thanksgiving), 12/19-1/1 (Holiday Break), and 4/1 (Easter).

Season Court Captain Information
The court captain is responsible for the following:
• Reserving the court for the full 30-week or 15-week season
• Reminding all players on the roster they must be TCR members.
• Informing the TCR Business Office of the players in the group and the number of plays each player should be charged
• Providing a copy of the final schedule for the group to the TCR Business Office
• Communicating any changes in the group to TCR during the season
• Establishing a policy for how subs pay for their court time (e.g., “gift” from the scheduled player, reimburse scheduled player)

Winter Season Court Reservation Form

Looking for Players or More Play Time?

Tennis Group Resources and Information
For information about groups looking for players, players looking for groups, and more visit our resource page above. 

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