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Tennis Leagues

Summer Tennis Leagues

Social and competitive leagues are offered all week long to keep you at the top of your game all year. TCR offers several different league options so that members can have the opportunity to meet some new players and have a great time on the court every week.

Membership is required to play in summer tennis leagues

For More Information & To Register: Click Here to Contact Cathy Downs 

Men's & Women's Doubles Leagues

• Pay and play just the weeks you want. No weekly commitments.
• Players are divided into groups based on their rating.
• A weekly email is sent out requesting player’s availability.
• New balls with every match.


• Pay and play just the weeks you want. No weekly commitments.
• New balls with every match.
• Sunday, you will receive an email requesting your availability for play a week in advance at the allotted times.
• Wednesday, an initial list of matches will be emailed out. At this point, if you do not have a match, you will be listed as playing TBD.
• If you wish to take a TBD match, please email and we will schedule you.
• Friday, the final match schedule will come out and you will be expected to play.

TCR Singles Box League

  • Groups participants together in boxes of similar rating
  • Groups of 4-8 depending on the total number of participants
  • Each “box” plays a mini round robin among the other players in the same box
  • Sessions run 5/14 – 6/14,
  • 6/15 – 7/15, and 7/16 – 8/16
  • Players have 1 month to play every player in their box
  • At completion of session, top players move up a box and the bottom players move down a box
  • All matches consist of 2 sets with a 10-point tie breaker for the third
  • Each player brings a new can of balls: one for the match and one for the winner
  • Completely flexible and is entirely up to each player
  • Score recording will be done online at
  • Cost: $3 per match
  • All players must have a rating on file with the club or be rated by our staff before playing

For More Information: Click Here to Contact Cathy Downs 

If you are unable to attend your match, please contact TCR staff at least 24 hours prior. For no shows, there will be a charge.

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