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Summer Tennis

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TCR Tennis Sub List
Below is a list of players and their availability to play.
For privacy reasons, please reference a copy of the member directory on your club automation account home page or contact TCR for player contact information
Name M/F Availability Level  
Carol Wolk F Any morning (looking for groups too) 3.5  
Kristi Thompson F sat & sun all day, Mon-Fri 5:30p-on 3.6-4.0  
Jim Patton M whenever 3.5  
Steve Ching M whenever/ off for winter season 3.5  
Judy Weniger F whenever 3.8  
Maria Herrera F Mon/Wed/Thurs/Fri before 3pm 3.5  
Edie Antelli F Any day before 4pm 3.6-4.0  
Tonya Harvey F any day (last minute availability) 4  
Amy Wagner F Sat PM, Sun AM, Tues 7pm 3.3  
Ann Werner F Most days/ evenings 3.6  
Chris Brown M most days/nights 3.8  
David Pearlman M available with notice 3.8-4.0  
William Diliberto M any time 3.2-3.4  
Mary Ann Kitze F flexible/ on call 3.6-4.0  
Scott Seaver M flexible weekdays/weekends 3.6-3.8  
Tricia Cook F after 5pm & weekends 3.5-3.6  
Martha Kohn F days/evenings 3.5+  
Name M/F Availability Level  
Paul Pittinaro M anytime 3.5  
Wes Rapoport M Tues-Sun 3pm-evening 3.3  
Karen Nead F tues afternoons, thurs & fri all day, some weekends 3.5  
Henry Metzger M T, Th, Fri Anytime 3.2  
Elizabeth Kinney F doubles/singles; midday 3.4-3.6  
Pam Viva F doubles/singles anytime 3.5  
Carol Wolk F anytime    
Hollie Harvey F flexible/ on call 3.5  
Nanette Domanti F anytime 3.6  
Linda Meyers F anytime 3.1-.2  
Peter Schottland M   4  
Jud Doyle M   3.5  
Bev Strohm F weekends    

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Winter Tennis

Season Court Reservation Form (contact Marie Nye to book a new season court time: (585)381-2529 ext.111)

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Players Looking for Groups 

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