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Tennis Group Resources and Information

Winter Tennis

Season Court Reservation Form (contact Marie Nye to book a new season court time: (585)381-2529 ext.111)

Groups Looking for Players 

Captain Email Day Time Level
Joe Calcagno Monday 6:30pm 3.5-4.0
Norm Lederman Monday 8:30am 3.5
Joan Carr Monday 4:00pm 3.5
Ken O'Brien Monday & Tuesday 9:00am 3.2







Players Looking for Groups 

Player Name Email        Availability Level
Ann Martin Tues & Wed Mornings/ Thurs Afteroon 3.3-3.5
Dale Cameron-Kody   3.3-3.5
Rick Nelson     2.6-3.0
Doug Tallinger   3.2-3.4
Carlton Chin Wednesday nights 3.5-4.0
Frank Monte   3.6-3.8
Arlene Monte   3.5
Denis Conley   3.5
Val Larkin Tuesday/Wednesday 3.5
Werner Nowack Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday mornings  3.3-.5
Michael Grastorf anytime 3.0
Alison Normile 8:30-2:30  on weekdays  3.7-4.0
Dave Somers anytime 3.3-.5